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Foxeys Hangout Wine Co


Cellar Door take-home dishes June 5-6-7-8

  • Blowtorch salmon, miso mayonnaise $16
    8 slices lightly torched sashimi salmon, tub miso mayo
  • Mushroom sausage rolls $20
    4 large Foxeys mushroom rolls in puff pastry ready to heat at home, smoked tomato sauce
  • Chipotle-sweetcorn mac & cheese $20
    2-person main or 4-person side, ready to heat at home
  • Duck au vin $25
    Individual serve main Aylesbury duck Maryland braised with pinot noir, sweet onions and sautéed Swiss brown mushrooms, fondant potato
  • Tomato salad $16
    Tomatoes, mint, marinated feta, red wine vinegar and Hart’s olive oil
  • Vanilla ice cream with choc sauce $10
    Individual serve dixie cup of ice cream plus choc sauce

Plus these Foxeys weekend regulars...

  • Mother Mary organic country sourdough $8 / $8.50
  • Foxeys pistachio spice mix jar $14
  • Harts farm olive oil $29