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Morning Sun Sampler

Morning Sun Sampler

We have been making wine from this vineyard for the past couple of years and love the quality and voice it gives to variety and place. Our connection to the property took another step earlier this year when we agreed with the property’s owners, the Toniolo family, to take on the running of the venue.  

There’s something special about tasting wine while you’re at the vineyard from which the grapes were grown. To help you see why we find this vineyard so special and why we have have been sourcing fruit from here for a number of years, we have created this amazing 6 pack for you.

Pack Includes:
1x NV Morning Sun Sparkling White
1x NV Morning Sun Sparkling Rosé
2x 2021 Foxeys Hangout 'Morning Sun' Chardonnay
2x 2021 Foxeys Hangout 'Morning Sun' Pinot Noir

6-pack $250.00


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